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删除Win10 3D对象文件夹

Windows 10 系统自动更新后,发现资源管理器会多出一个3D对象文件夹,这该怎么办呢?我们该如何去掉这个3D对象文件夹呢?喜欢干净的朋友想要去掉,只要手动删除注册表中的一些项目就可以了。

1、按下WIN+R,然后输入regedit 回车,找到:


3D对象文件夹对应的 {0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A} 项,删除。



删除 {0DB7E03F-FC29-4DC6-9020-FF41B59E513A}


美剧 Sneaky Pete 第二季全

美剧 Sneaky Pete 第二季已完结。Amazon 的 诈欺担保人 Sneaky Pete 第一季,讲述一个30多岁的骗子Marius 出狱后,盗用了他同仓狱友Pete 的身份,一边逃避自己过去的债主,一边应付他新的”家族业务”:保释担保人。他现在得处理比自己还要恶劣的坏份子,而她的拍档兼”表妹”、单身母亲Julia 则怀疑他的真正动机。该剧斗智斗勇。团队合作、时机拿捏、亦真亦假、娴熟手法,都是把剧情推动得跌宕起伏的必备要素。此烧脑神剧堪比 绝命毒师,值得品味。

第一季 预告片 | 全剧 下载地址




在noVNC 输入:ps -e|grep ssh
sudo apt-get install ssh
sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start

sudo vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
Insert 找到 PermitRootLogin without-password
修改为:PermitRootLogin yes
退出,保存:Esc -> :wq

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播放 NJ语瞳 在网易云音乐开心一刻电台给我们讲解的 当代三字经

1. 呵呵呵:一种就对方观点做出不置可否态度的嘲讽方式。
2. 哈哈哈:你的话真的不好笑,但碍于情面,我只好笑对你的无聊、没礼貌、装逼、炫耀。
3. 嘤嘤嘤:一种“我都已经示弱了,你就别责怪我了。/瞧我楚楚可怜的样子,你还不对我点?”的扮猪吃老虎的手段。
4. 啧啧啧:表示不认同、不屑甚至带有藐视的含义。但经常会显得有点酸葡萄。
5. 嘻嘻嘻:一种能让炫耀看起来不那么招人烦的方式。
6. 喵喵喵:文字版的黑人问号脸。表示完全不能理解对方在说什么。必须和问号一起使用。
7. 啪啪啪:单身狗们嘴上不说,身体却诚实地渴望着的一种社交活动。
8. 666:相当厉害,令人折服。一种几乎无需打字就可赞美对方的快捷方式。
9. 好好好:一种示弱与妥协,常见于下级对上级,男朋友对女朋友,猫奴对猫咪的彻底臣服。
10. 买买买:一种社会主义初级阶段的基本国情。一种可以解决任何问题的万金油式存在。

详情请参考 GQ翻译

The Chinese Woman

The Chinese Woman (selected)
From the Spirit of the Chinese People, by Ku Hung-Ming, 1915

… … For the womanhood in a nation is the flower of the civilization, of the state of civilization in that nation.

But now to come to our question: what is the Chinese feminine ideal? The Chinese feminine ideal I answer, is essentially the same as the old Hebrew feminine ideal with one important difference of which I will speak later on. The Chinese feminine ideal is the same as the old Hebrew ideal in that it is not an ideal merely for hanging up as a picture in one’s room; nor an ideal for a man to spend his whole life in caressing and worshipping. The Chinese feminine ideal is an ideal with a broom in her hands to sweep and clean the rooms with. In fact the Chinese written character for a wife (妇) is composed of two radicals – (女) meaning a woman and (帚) meaning a broom. In classical Chinese, in what I have called the official uniform Chinese, a wife is called the Keeper of the Provision Room – a Mistress of the Kitchen. Indeed the true feminine ideal, — the feminine ideal of all people with a true, not tinsel civilization, such as the old Hebrew, the ancient Greeks and the Romans, is essentially the same as the Chinese feminine ideal: the true feminine ideal is always the Hausfrau, the house wife, la dame de ménage or chatelaine.

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Chiufu (Translated)

Chiufu (translated) By Lin Yutang

Chiufu often said to me, “A man’s life lasts only a hundred years, and of this hundred sleep and dream occupy one half, days of illness and sorrow occupy one half, and the days of swaddling clothes and senile age again occupy one half. What we have got left is only a tenth or fifth part. Besides, we who are made of the stuff of willows can hardly expect to live a hundred years.”

One day when the autumn moon was at its best, Chiufu asked a young maid to carry a chin and accompany her to a boating trip among the lotus flowers of the West Lake. I was then returning from the West River, and when I arrived and found that Chiufu had gone boating, I bought some melons and went after her. We meet at the Second Bridge of the Su Tungpo Embankment, when Chiufu was playing the sad ditty of “Autumn in Han Palace.” Stopping to listen with my gown gathered in my hands, I listened to her music. At this moment, the hills all around were enveloped in the evening haze, and the reflections of the stars and the moon were seen in the water. Different musical sounds came to my ear so that I could not distinguish whether it was the sounds of the wind in the air, or the sounds of jingling jade. Before the song was completed, the bow of our boat had already touched the southern bank of the Garden of Swirling Waters. We then knocked at the gate of the White Cloud Convent, for we knew the nuns there. After sitting down for a while, the nuns served us with freshly picked lotus seeds prepared in soup. Their color and their fragrance were enough to cool one’s intestines, a world different from the taste of meats and oily foods. Coming back, we landed at Tuan’s Bridge, where we spread a bamboo matting on the ground and sat talking for a long time. The distant rumble of the city rather annoyed our ears like the humming of flies…. Then the stars in the sky became fewer and fewer and the lake was blanketed with a stretch of white. We heard the drum on top of the city wall and realized that it was already the fourth watch [about 3 A.M.] and carried the chin and paddled the boat home.

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Yun (translated)

Yun (translated) By Lin Yutang

On the seventh night of the seventh moon of that year [1780] Yun prepared incense, candles and some melons and fruits, so that we might together worship the Grandson of Heaven in the Hall called “After My Heart.” I had carved two seals with the inscription,”That we might remain husband and wife from incarnation to incarnation.” I kept the seal with positive characters, while she kept the one with negative characters, to be used in our correspondence. That night, the moon was shining beautifully and when I looked down at the creek, the ripples shone like golden chains. We were wearing light silk dresses and sitting together with a small fan in our hands, before a window overlooking the creek. Looking up at the sky, we saw the clouds sailing through the heavens, changing at every moment into a myriad forms, and Yun said:”This moon is common to the whole universe. I wonder if there is another pair of lovers quite as passionate as ourselves looking at the same moon tonight?” And I said:”Oh, there are plenty of people who will be sitting in the cool evening and looking at the moon, and, perhaps also many women criticizing or enjoying the clouds in their chambers; but when a husband and wife are looking at the moon [The seventh day of the seventh moon is the only day in the year when the pair of heavenly lovers, the Cowherd (“Grandson of Heaven”) and the Spinster are allowed to meet each other across the Milky Way together], I hardly think that the clouds will form the subject of their conversation.” By and by, the candle-lights went out, the moon sank in the sky, and we removed the fruits and went to bed.

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Apache .htaccess 301重定向


1. 重定向目录或文件 到其它地址

Redirect 301 /directory /newdirectory
Redirect 301 /directory
Redirect 301 /oldfile.htm /newfile.htm
Redirect 301 /oldfile.htm

2. 重定向 到

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC,OR]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [L,R=301,NC]
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Linux TCP加速四合一脚本

这个脚本集合了BBR原版、BBR魔改、BBR Plus和锐速,愿用哪个用哪个,只能说:太方便了!在vultr上Centos 7, Debian 8/9, Ubuntu 16/18测试通过。不支持OVZ和LXC。

一、安装证书:apt-get -y install ca-certificates 或 yum -y install ca-certificates


wget "" && chmod +x && ./
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宝塔 VPS Web管理面板

Linux VPS Web管理面板推荐国产免费好用的 宝塔面板。宝塔6.x CentOS 安装脚本:

yum install -y wget && wget -O && sh

Ubuntu/ Debian 安装脚本:

wget -O && bash

建议安装环境为Linux VPS 512MB+内存,10GB+空间,推荐CentOS 7 / Debian 9 / Ubuntu 16.04 均 x64 Minimal。安装宝塔时会自动安装Python, 2分钟左右安装完成后登陆 http://IP:8888/, 系统会提示安装网站套件。建议选择LAMP, 1G以下内存安装MySQL5.5, 并将PHP的性能调整为30并发方案。若遇Nginx/Apache无法启动,运行 pkill -9 httpd 再试。宝塔Linux面板 命令大全